Karl Lagerfeld will design the lobbies of two luxurious buildings in Miami

The designer joined the Trump Group, one of the construction companies in the United States to contribute their talent and create a unique lobby for the new project of The Estates at Acqualina buildings that will be built in the area of Sunny Isles Beach.

The company, run by Eddie and Jules Trump brothers, who have nothing to do with Donald Trump, were the first to announce the news and were very excited to have the artist involved in the project.

“Eddie and I wanted our halls constitute the main attraction of our project,” Jules said in a statement. “Who better to create the master of modern creativity, Karl Lagerfeld”.

Meanwhile, Lagerfeld also said to be excited about his new adventure.

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to design the halls of The Estates of Acqualina and I am proud to know that I’ll create spaces that are highlighted in the property spaces,” the designer said in the letter. “They are not only important to give the first impression of the building but are also areas where you socialize daily as a large living room. My designs will be inspired especially in Florida as a destination itself. The climate there is very warm and I want something refreshing. ”

The buildings, which are scheduled to open in 2020, will have 50 floors and will feature 265 luxurious apartments. They will also have sea views, swimming pools, lush gardens and two Rolls Royce available for use by tenants.


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