“Everywhere you step, you are looking at luxury.”

Victoria Krasnov
(Resident since 2015)

“There is a sort of a sense of Acqualina Loyalty that people have acquired due to the fact that they would rather be nowhere else but Acqualina.

Acqualina is probably one of the easiest brands to sell because there is absolutely no building that I have seen or I have been to that offered anything like this.

By choosing this to be our permanent residence we definitely have chosen to be on a permanent vacation.

I think what makes Acqualina The World’s Finest Residences is that the minute you drive up, you are welcomed back by your name. Everyone in the building knows you by name.

You spend so much more time by being in in this building, it’s no longer just a space where we as a family sleep and eat, this is now our space where we want to be, where we hang out on weekends, in the mornings, during the day. We don’t go have breakfast anywhere else.

Everything was delivered top-notch, the floors, the bathrooms, the kitchen, everything had a modern appeal to it that we had chosen.”