It may sound quirky to receive a gold toothbrush in the mail, but several thousand are on their way to high-net-worth potential buyers—and the realtors who sell to them—by way of explaining that’s all you’ll need when buying Palazzo del Cielo, the $38 million custom-designed and -furnished penthouse atop The Mansions at Acqualina. And with all the makings of a grown-up Barbie Dream House, the purchase price also includes your own Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV and the sporty Lamborghini Aventador, so if you want to play “can-you-top-this,” you’ll win.

Now while there are penthouses with loftier price tags, this 47th-floor aerial hideout cost over $10 million to furnish, and as Michael Goldstein, president of sales for the Trump Group (“the other Trumps,” as they are known in the business), explains, “Our aim was to make this a total turnkey, effortlessly elegant home, and save the buyer a year of decorating.” Figuring this might either be a primary home or perhaps a fourth or fifth home for the buyer, Goldstein says, “Luxury Living/Fendi Casa took over the design creating a space that should suit everyone’s taste.” (Goldstein quips, “Of course, you can throw in a purple pillow if you want to add your own touch.”)

In addition to 9,000 square feet of indoor space, there’s an additional 2,500 square feet of outdoor space including a private cantilevered glass-bottomed pool with an astonishing 649-foot view straight down. (It goes without saying you can order 24-hour room service from the Acqualina Resort & Spa in case you’re too lazy to get out of the pool.)

By way of justifying this purchase, Goldstein adds, “Sixty-five percent of those sniffing around are from the Northeast, and I know they’re thinking the apartment will pay for itself once rid of all those pesky taxes.”


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