“This is it! This is where you want to be!”

Warren Estis
(Resident since 2010)

“I noticed when we had that major downturn in 2007 in Miami the original Acqualina building held up its value better than anything else down here at the time, and that I found very impressive and I ended up buying a unit there and i’m very happy with it.”

I think it makes it a much easier choice for people considering buying for the future by being able to see how phenomenal within a small radius what you can expect at the Estates. I’m sure from the builder’s point of view, the next building(s) will be that much finer.

The luxury (and) sophistication, it’s like no other building that we’ve been in.

They could live anywhere they want, but they’re going to live in this building, and I think when you see that a developer is going to live in a building that he’s building, that alone gives you a very high comfort level that there’s going to be very high quality, ‘cause no one wants to live in a building that he built, with people every time they see you they have a complaint.”